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Auction Companies

ACV Auctions

An exclusively online platform for car auctions, allowing dealers to buy and sell used vehicles efficiently without physical location constraints. Features extensive vehicle reports and a user-friendly bidding process.

Adesa Auctions

Adesa Auctions offers a wide network of local and online auctions across North America. Known for strong technology use and specific services for the auto industry, Adesa provides personalized auction solutions and dedicated...

CarMax Auctions

CarMax provides a streamlined auction process for dealers to purchase quality used cars. Known for transparency and a no-haggle policy, ensuring a straightforward buying experience.

Copart Auctions

Specializes in online salvage and insurance car auctions, featuring a wide variety of damaged and recovered vehicles, including motorcycles and trucks, ideal for repair and resale.

IAA Auctions

A leader in salvage vehicle auctions, IAA offers a diverse inventory of damaged cars and trucks, focusing on online bidding and detailed evaluations to facilitate remote buying.

Manheim Auctions

The worlds largest wholesale vehicle auction provider, offering cars, trucks, and specialty vehicles providing provides in-person and online auction services to dealers.

National Powersport Auctions

Specializes in wholesale powersports, including motorcycles, ATVs, and snowmobiles, with full services in appraisal, financing, and transportation for dealers.

What is a vehicle auction company?

A vehicle auction company facilitates the buying and selling of vehicles through an auction process. These companies provide a platform for dealers and individuals to bid on a wide range of vehicles, from cars and trucks to specialty and classic vehicles. They offer various services, including vehicle inspections, auction financing, and transportation. Understanding what a vehicle auction company does can help you make informed decisions and find the best auctions for your needs.

Where do auction company cars come from?

Auction companies source their inventory from various sources, including dealership trade-ins, fleet and rental companies, lease returns, repossessed vehicles, and even private sellers. Understanding the diverse origins of auction vehicles can help buyers know what to expect and make informed purchasing decisions.

Updated: 6/20/24