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Branch Locations

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When Branch Permits are Required

A valid License or Permit issued by the DMV is required by any person acting as a Dealer at any of its branch locations, including temporary branches.

An additional License or Permit is not required for “display only” areas if the area is within of 1,000 feet of your dealership and no sales take place within that area

From (409.00(a) CA Code of Regulations)

Applications and Fees Required

Temporary Branch Location(s)

Within Ten (10) business days before the event, the Dealer must submit the following to the Inspector having jurisdiction over the temporary branch location:

  • Application for Temporary Branch Location (Form OL 73)
  • For new product sales, submit the manufacturer’s authorization for each line/make being sold. The authorization must show the Temporary Branch address, on the correct form:
    • OL 124 for Auto/Commercial, Motorcycle, and All-Terrain Vehicles
    • OL 73A for Motorhomes and Recreational Trailers
    • OL 73C for Trailers and Snowmobiles
  • Copy of lease/rental agreement or a copy of the promoter’s contract
  • Property Use Verification for Vehicle Dealer’s License, OL 902 (required for some locations).

Temporary Branch Fees

  • $70.00 Temporary Branch Application Fee


Permanent Branch Location(s)

To add a branch location, you will need to file a new application, including:

  • Original Application for Occupational License (OL21A)
  • Property Use Verification for Vehicle Dealer’s License (OL 902)
  • Lease or Rental Agreement
  • Change to the State Board of Equalization
  • City business license

Permanent Branch Fees

  • $70 Non-refundable, application fee
  • $1 Family Support Program fee