Can you get a vehicle dealer license with a felony or misdemeanor conviction? (California DMV)

Yes, you can get a dealer license with a felony in California. Continue reading for more specific information.

This article is provided for your convenience by Dealer 101 and should not be considered as legal advice or official DMV Guidelines

Requirements to Get a Dealer License With a Past Conviction

The DMV requires that applicants disclose all Felony and Misdemeanor convictions that occurred within the past 10 years. The 10 years is measured from your conviction date or release date if you were incarcerated. There is no requirement to disclose traffic offenses, including DUI convictions.

The DMV rates convictions as A, B, or C and will issue a dealer license when the required time has elapsed. These convictions are explained further down this page.

Failure to disclose all convictions (including those from out-of-state or out-of-county) within the past 10 years could result in a lifetime dealer license ban.

Crime Class Waiting Period Then, DMV will issue:
A 5 ½ years a “probationary” License
B 3 years a Dealer License
C 1 year a Dealer License

The DMV states, “Even if you were pardoned, pled nolo contendere, or if the conviction was later expunged from the record of the court or set aside under California Penal Code (CPC) §1203.4, or any other federal or state law equivalent, you must disclose the conviction. If you are awaiting judgment and sentencing following entry of a plea or jury verdict, you must still disclose the conviction.”

Not sure if you qualify?

If you’re unsure if your background check will pass DMV requirements, you may submit an Abbreviated Application review by the DMV. You will need to submit:

  • Original Application for Occupational License
  • Personal History Questionnaire
  • Completed and uploaded Live Scan Service
  • Statement of Information (if applying as a Corporation or LLC)

Abbreviated Applicants are not required to provide a dealer bond or location or complete their Pre-License training until their application is approved.

Have questions? Call the DMV’s Service & Support at (877) 563-5213

This chart illustrates how various convictions are categorized as A, B, or C

Class Cite Description
A 67 P.C.  Giving or Offering Bribes to an Executive Officer 
A 67.5 P.C. Offering Bribes to Public Officers or Employees 
A 118 P.C. Perjury 
A 136.1 P.C. Prevent, or Dissuade a Victim Witness 
A 182 P.C. Criminal Conspiracy 
A 187 P.C. Murder 
A 203 P.C.  Mayhem
A 207 P.C. Kidnapping
A 209 P.C. Kidnapping for Gain or To Commit Robbery or Rape 
A 211 P.C. Robbery 
A 215 P.C. Carjacking 
A 220 P.C. Assault with Intent to Commit Mayhem or Specified Sex Offenses 
A 245 P.C. Assault with Deadly Weapon 
A 246 P.C. Shooting at an Inhabited Dwelling or an Occupied Vehicle 
A 261 P.C. Rape 288 P.C.
A 314 P.C. Indecent Exposure (if it is for a Driving or Traffic Violator School licensee)
A 451 P.C. Arson Class A Crimes 
A 459 P.C. Burglary 
A 470 P.C. Forgery 
A 475 P.C. Fraudulent Possession or Receiving of Forged or Unfinished Bills or Notes 
A 477 P.C. Counterfeiting 
A 487 P.C. Grand Theft 
A 496 P.C. Receiving or Concealing Stolen Property 
A 503 P.C. Embezzlement 
A 518 P.C. Extortion 
A 530.5 P.C. Unauthorized use of personal identifying information (Identity Theft) 
A 653(f) P.C. Soliciting the Commission of Certain Crimes 
A 666 P.C. Petty Theft with a Prior 
A 4324(a) B&P  Forgery or Alteration of a Prescription 
A 25100 Corp.  Offering or Selling Unqualified Securities 
A 25401 Corp.  Untrue Statement or Omission in Sale of Security 
A 25541 Corp.  Fraud or Deceit in Connection with the Purchase or Sale of security 
A 11351 H&S  Possession of a Controlled Substance, Narcotic, for Sale 
A 11352 H&S  Transport/Sale of a Controlled Substance 
A 11358 H&S  Plant/Cultivate Marijuana/Hashish (if for the purpose of selling)
A 11360 H&S  Crime Transportation, Importation, Sale, or Gift of Marijuana 
A 11361 H&S  Transportation, Sale, or Distribution of Marijuana by or to a Minor 
A 11378 H&S  Possession of a Controlled Substance for Sale 
A 11379 H&S  Transportation, Sale, or Distribution of a Controlled Substance 
A 11383 H&S  Possession of Specified Combinations of Substances with the Intent to Manufacture Controlled Substance 
A 550 P.C. Presentation of False/Fraudulent Insurance Claim 
A 2101 U.I.  False Statement to Obtain Unemployment Benefits 
A 20 V.C.  Use of False Information on Documents to DMV or CHP (May also be a Class B)
A 4463 V.C.  Forge/Alter a Vehicle Registration 
A 10501 V.C.  False Report, of a Vehicle Theft with the Intent to Deceive 
A 10851 V.C.  Taking a Vehicle without the Owner’s Consent 
A 28051 V.C.  Odometer Tampering 
A 10980 W&I  Obtaining Public Assistance by Fraud Class B Crimes 
B 32 P.C. Accessory (May also be a Class A crime)
B 192 P.C. Manslaughter 
B 236 P.C. False Imprisonment 
B 332 P.C. Obtaining Money or Property by Fraudulent Game or Trick 
B 396.5 P.C. Unlawful Use of Food Stamps 
B 422 P.C. Making Terrorist Threats (May also be a Class A crime) 
B 466 P.C. Possession of Burglary Tools 
B 476 P.C. Non-Sufficient Funds/Checks (May also be a Class A crime)
B 485 P.C. Appropriation of Lost Property by Finder 
B 488 P.C. Petty Theft 
B 499 P.C. Taking a Vehicle for Temporary Use 
B 529 P.C. False Personation to Make Another Liable 
B 532 P.C. Making False Financial Statement (May also be a Class A crime) 
B 537 P.C. Defrauding Providers of Food, Fuel, Services, or Accommodations (May be a Class A) 
B 646.9 P.C. Stalking 
B 20 V.C.  Use False Information on Documents to DMV or CHP (May be a Class A)
B 10852 V.C.  Tampering with a Vehicle 
B 148 P.C. Resisting Arrest Class C Crimes Cite Crime 
C 148.5 P.C. False Report of a Crime 
C 241 P.C. Assault on a Peace Officer 
C 314 P.C. Indecent Exposure 
C 452 P.C. Unlawfully Causing a Fire 
C 594 P.C. Vandalism 
C 602 P.C. Trespassing 
C 603 P.C. Destruction of Property Within or About a Dwelling House 
C 647.6 P.C. Annoying or Molesting Children 
C 653(m) P.C. Threatening or Annoying Telephone Calls 
C 12025 P.C. Carrying a Concealed Weapon in Vehicle 
C 12031 P.C. Carrying a Loaded Firearm in Public 
C 12090 P.C. Tampering with Marks on Certain Firearms 
C 12303 P.C. Possession of a Destructive Device 
C 7028 B&P  Contracting without a License 
C 11550 H&S Using or Being Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance

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