Used Vehicle Dealer Pre-Licensing Education Program

Get Your California DMV Car Dealers License

This DMV approved online training is required to become a Wholesale dealer, Retail dealer, or licensed Broker.

  • Includes DMV Certificate & Dealer Guide
  • Buy, sell, rent or lease vehicles for profit
  • Access Dealer Auctions in all 50 States

  • Don’t Pay tax or DMV fees on vehicles

  • Drive vehicles for pleasure or business

Step 1: Complete one required DMV Training

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California DMV Approved

Certification #CCC0052

Certificates Mailed Daily

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Retail, Wholesale & Brokers

One Course for Both License Types

This Pre-License Training is Required by the California DMV

One Course for Both Types of Dealer Licenses

Step 1: Schedule This DMV License Class
– Only one online 6-hour class
– Instructed by a Live Dealer Expert
– We provide everything you need
– No test during this class

Step 2: Schedule the DMV Test
– Only 40 Questions
– Score 70% or better
– All of our students pass

Step 3: Submit Your Dealer Application
– Choose Wholesale or Retail License
– Everything you need will be provided
– We support you all the way


wholesale vs retail dealer license

Dealer License Benefits

You will be provided with all the essential materials


Access Dealer-Only Auctions


Run Your Own Business


Parts and Service Discounts


No Sales Tax or DMV Fees

Get Your Own Dealer Plates

and Start Accessing Dealer-Only Auctions

Access the online class from anywhere

A hassle-free, no-download experience for everyone.

Everything you need to get started

You will be provided with all the essential materials


Dealer License Study Guide

Packed with information including how to get your license, buy, sell and the rules that affect California dealers.


Dealer License Application Guide

A step-by-step guide that simplifies the DMV application process. Covers what’s required to apply, and get your license.  


DMV License Practice Test

An online test to help you prepare for your visit to the DMV. Practice on our test and be confident you’ll pass the DMV test, easily.  

Dealer-Only Auction Directory

A complete listing of auctions in California and across the United States – with access restricted to licensed dealers, only. 

Why Choose Dealer 101?

Certified by the California DMV to provide the best step-by-step online dealer training program

No Tests

Every participant will receive a DMV Certificate of Completion. The Certificate is one of the requirements to apply for your license at the DMV. 

Attend from Home

For a limited time, the DMV has approved our instructor-led, online classes. No need to travel to a classroom. 

100% Success Rate

Every student that has taken our course has passed their DMV test. Our quality training, practice and coaching will ensure that you’ll pass too!

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Our step-by-step guide makes sure you don’t waste time or money. Our process guides you to know what to do from beginning to end. 


On-Going Support

Have a question at any time? We’re here to help by chat, text or by telephone. Helping you get your license helps us to improve our courses. 

Experienced Instructor

Each session is taught by a licensed California dealer with over 20-years experience buying, selling and exporting vehicles of all types. 

Ready to Get Your Dealer License?

Only $125 – We help with everything you need!

Common questions.

Here are some answers to common questions about getting a Dealer License in California.

Do I need a car lot to get a Dealer License in California?

No, is the short answer. “Wholesale” licenses don’t require a business location. A “Retail” license or “Broker” endorsement requires a business location. A small office with parking can meet the DMV requirements. We step you through selecting a location in the course.

How many cars can I sell without getting a license?

If you plan to sell even one vehicle for a profit in California, you need a Dealer License. The key here is “for a profit”. The law is pretty clear on this and the DMV has been enforcing this rule lately.

Why do you recommend taking this course as the 1st step?

This class is required by the DMV to get your Dealer License. By taking this training first, you will gain an understanding of each step required to get your License and you can save a lot wasted time and money.

Do Car Dealers have to pay sales tax and DMV fees on vehicles?

Once you have a Dealer license, you no longer have to pay sales tax or DMV fees on the vehicles you purchase for resale.

You can also drive these vehicles for pleasure or business use with your dealer plates.

Other purchases such as repair parts can also be purchased tax-exempt if they are being used on a vehicle you have in your inventory.

Can I buy vehicles from Auctions without a Dealer license?

You could purchase vehicles from “Public” auctions at a higher price. You would be required to pay sales tax and DMV fees there. Only licensed Dealers can purchase vehicles from true “wholesale” auctions such as Manheim, Adesa, Copart or IAA where the prices are significantly lower.

I have more questions about becoming a Dealer. Can you help?
Sure. We can be reached at (619) 333-0701 or by email at and look for to connecting with you.

"Very intuitive and easy to follow along. I completed the course in my spare time, on my iPhone."

– Howard, Heritage Motors

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