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    NOTE: Classes are hosted at National Powersport Auctions in Poway, CA. You directions in your confirmation email after you reserve your seat.

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    Dealer Reviews

    Great course. You really help simplify the whole process of getting a dealer license for us. My partner and I passed the DMV test and officially dealers now!

    Sean J. San Diego, CA

    Glad I took the course first. Knowing each step ahead saved me a lot of time and money trying to figure things out.

    Antonio R. Santa Clarita, CA

    Thanks - enjoyed the training and hit the ground running. Just closed my first wholesale deal!

    Sarah L. Sacramento, CA

    After taking your course, we changed our minds from becoming wholesale-only to retail (thank you). I didn’t know the cost was basically the same and the DMV location requirements aren’t that tough to meet.

    Phil D. El Cajon, CA
    You Will Learn
    Wholesale, Retail or Broker
    What License is right for you? We’ll explain the benefits of each and make that decision easy.
    DMV License Requirements
    Who can get a Dealer License and what is required? We’ll explain it all in our easy to understand Guide.
    Choosing a Location
    The DMV has location requirements before they will issue a license. We’ll explain what you need (and don’t need).
    DMV Forms and Contracts
    Selling and Registering Vehicles is complicated. Our step-by-step process makes it easy.
    Buying at auctions
    How to get access to the Dealer Only auctions and where the best ones are located.
    Advertising Laws
    Understand DMV’s rules for Dealers advertising in newspapers, eBay, Craigslist and others…
    How to pass the DMV test

    We’ll cover the DMV Test and make sure that you’ll pass – the 1st time!

    Identifying Stolen Vehicles
    No one wants to buy a stolen vehicle. We’ll show you how to identify one – before making an expensive mistake.
    Financial Procedures
    Most Buyers want to finance their vehicle purchase. We’ll explain how to get your customers financed – quickly.
    Salvage Titles
    Few Buyers are interested in buying a vehicle with a Salvage title. We’ll show you how to indentify one quickly and avoild costly mistakes.
    Unlawful Dealer Activities
    Avoid simple mistakes and keep your License in good standing. Learn how new and experienced Dealers get into trouble.
    Exporting Vehicles
    Exporting vehicles from the USA is  profitable. Learn how to sell to Buyers in Mexico, Europe, and Asia.
    Federal and State Laws
    There are many laws that affect Dealers. We’ll explain what they are and how to stay out of trouble.
    Use of Dealer Plates
    Dealer Plates can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Learn who can use them and when.
    Registering Vehicles
    An easy, step-by-step process to Register your Buyer’s vehicle into their name.
    Vehicle History Rules
    Dealers must disclose a vehicle’s history to Buyers. Learn how to access those histories and what you must disclose.
    Extended Warranties
    Earn extra revenue by selling Extended Warranties. Learn how to sell them legally in California.
    Dealer-to-Dealer Sales
    Thousands of Dealer-to-Dealer sales happen every day. Learn how to buy and sell, tax free.
    Simple pricing.
    Comprehensive Student Guide
    Step-by-Step License Application Guide
    DMV Inspector Office locations
    Directory of Dealer-Only Auctions
    DMV License Practice Test
    California Dealer License
    How to get a Car Dealer License
    Dealer License Information

    Do I need a car lot to get a Dealer License in California?

    “Wholesale” or “Broker” licenses don’t require a business location.  A “Retail” license requires a business location. A small office with parking can meet the DMV requirements. We step you through selecting a location in the course.

    How many cars can I sell without getting a license?

    If you plan to sell even one vehicle for a profit in California, you need a Dealer License.  The key here is “for a profit”. The law is pretty clear on this and the DMV has been enforcing this rule lately.

    Why do you recommend taking this course as the 1st step?

    Becoming a Dealer is fairly complicated. We recommend taking the training first as you will gain an understanding of each step required to get your License. By doing the training first, you can save a lot wasted time and expense.

    Do Car Dealers have to pay sales tax and DMV fees on vehicles?

    Once you have a Dealer license, you no longer have to pay sales tax or DMV fees on the vehicles you purchase for resale. Other purchases such as repair parts can also be purchased tax exempt if they are being used on a vehicle you have in your inventory.

    Can I buy vehicles from Auctions without a Dealer license?

    You could purchase vehicles from “Public” auctions at a higher price. You would be required to pay sales tax and DMV fees there. Only licensed Dealers can purchase vehicles from true “wholesale” auctions such as Manheim, Adesa, Copart or IAA where the prices are significantly lower.

    I have questions about becoming a Dealer. Can you help?

    Sure. We can be reached at (619) 333-0701 or by email at Contact@Dealer101.com and look for to connecting with you.