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DMV Dealer Continuing Education

Handling, Completion, and Disposition of DMV Departmental Forms

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 REG 51 Used Car Report of Sale

Report of Sale (REG 51) Required

A “Report of Sale — Used Vehicle” (DMV form REG 51) must be completed when you sell a vehicle to a Consumer and send the stub (carbon copy) of the REG 51 to the DMV headquarters in Sacramento.

Window copy of Report of Sale

Dealers must attach the bottom tear-off section (bottom 1/3rd) of the Report of Sale to the sold vehicle before delivery of the vehicle to the Buyer.

Choose an area that won’t block the driver’s vision such as the lower, passenger side of the windshield.

This provides an indication to law enforcement that Registration to the new vehicle owner is underway.

Submission of Report of Sale and other documents to the Department

The stub (carbon copy) of the REG 51 must be mailed to the DMV headquarters in Sacramento within 5 calendar days.

Dealers will be charged an ASF fee of $5 for filing late Report of Sale and possible administrative action.

Storage and security of Reports of Sale

Dealers must securely store all records including their Reports of Sale and are required to “implement federal safeguard standards for storage.”

The California Code of Regulations (CCR) Title 13 §§272.00 requires Dealers to:

  • Maintain the records vehicle transaction for 18 months at the principal place of business or branch location
  • Create an electronic copy of the original record (provided the electronic copy meets specified requirements)
  • After 18 months, use an offsite storage facility within the state or third party vendor to maintain records
  • Retain all business records relating to vehicle transactions for not less than three years

Dealers must retrieve any requested business records within three days from the notice/request from the DMV

reg 51 order formOrdering Report of Sales, using the Inventory Order Post Card

Additional forms may be requested using the “Used Report of Sale, REG 51 Order Form” (DMV form “OL 395 U”)

The Order Form includes a section for Dealers to report their First Used and Last Used Report of Sale numbers.

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